The total supply of FUNDAI tokens will be 100 million units. We will use our commission income to contribute to our ecosystem by not separating any team or marketing tokens, as other crypto projects do. With this approach, we aimed to prevent our investors from being harmed and minimize the selling pressure on the token.

A large portion of the tokens allocated for the investment round will accelerate our platform's growth and enable our ecosystem to reach a wider audience. 20% of Funding Tour tokens will be available during the TGE (Token Generation Event). The remaining tokens will be unlocked at 0.1% daily. With this approach, we aim to prevent our token price from being adversely affected. Our selling price will not differ in the investment round. Therefore, we will not do any Seed or Private rounds. In addition, to not adversely affect our token price and create equal opportunity in investment, we will only hold a single sale round.

Airdrop tokens will be used in our events to promote our platform. These tokens will be locked in the listing and unlocked in 2 years. In this process, we aim to introduce our platform to more users.

Liquidity tokens for exchanges will help increase the trading volume of our token. Our liquidity tokens will be 100% unlocked. The Market Maker will use it in the listings of the exchanges. With this approach, we aim to increase the transaction volume of our token.

The inflation rate of our token will be 5% for the first three months, and this rate will continue to decrease with each passing month. That is because we aim to follow a strict inflation policy to protect the value of our token and ensure that our investors earn profits. In this way, the value of our token will increase even more as our inflation rate decreases in a controlled manner.

We aim to burn the FUNDAI token with a total market value of 1.7 million dollars from circulation as a minimized target in 10 years. This goal is an important step towards increasing the value of our token and for our investors to earn more.

Thanks to our buyback and burn mechanism, we aim to increase the value of our token by decreasing the amount of FUNDAI tokens in circulation in the market.

As our system is used every year, the number of token buybacks and burns will increase, and the circulation of our tokens will continue to be decreased daily.

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