Financial Goals

The 10-year financial target strategy of the DFund AI platform was determined according to bad scenarios and prepared by minimizing. This approach makes the platform's goals more realistic and achievable. In addition, minimizing targets ensures the platform is ready for possible unexpected situations and effectively uses the resources it will need to achieve its goals. Thus, the platform will be prepared when encountering obstacles or difficulties in achieving its goals.

Technological Goals

In line with technological goals, it is necessary to consider the platform from two different aspects;

The Path of AI-Based Fundraising

The fundraising platform will transform into an artificial intelligence-based platform, helping investors choose the most suitable options. In addition, optimizing investment processes will be among the priority objectives of the platform. For this purpose, investors' risk profiles and investment targets will be analyzed, and their investment portfolios will be optimized using artificial intelligence modeling.

The AI-based model of the fundraising platform can also be used to identify potential investors and investment opportunities. That will enable the platform to offer various investment options and create new investment opportunities. As a result, DFund AI, which enables investors to make faster and more accurate decisions, will play an important role in the investment world of the future.

The Path of AI-Based Marketplace

AI Models Marketplace will be able to conduct a comprehensive analysis of vendors, products and customers with artificial intelligence integration. In this way, it can optimize and improve the functioning of the market. For example, DFund AI algorithms will identify the most popular products and vendors by analyzing sellers' products and customers' purchasing preferences. In this way, competition in the market will increase, and better options will be offered to users.

Additionally, DFund AI algorithms will analyze customers' behavior in the market to identify their needs and want. It will increase the customers' loyalty by offering special offers and discounts to the users. In this way, an advantageous situation will be created for the sellers in the marketplace. AI Models Marketplace will become a more efficient and effective marketplace with the integration of artificial intelligence.

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