🟠Sectoral Solutions

Artificial Intelligence technology; has changed how we do business in many industries, including finance, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, energy, and retail. It will also be used in agriculture, education, logistics and transportation soon. Artificial intelligence technology will change how we work by making our business processes more efficient.

That will lead to an increase in the number of companies producing artificial intelligence models and an increase in investments. It will also increase the need for decentralized platforms where AI models are traded, which raises funds for projects producing AI models.

AI Projects Fundraising

Private smart contracts on the DFund AI platform will ensure public investors' funds are securely stored and automatically repaid if the token falls below the sale price. This way, investors can safely make their investments and be protected from risks.

In addition, all projects presented on the DFund AI platform will belong to companies that produce AI solutions and tokenize their services so that public investors can invest in projects that provide real value.

AI Models Marketplace

The AI Models Marketplace platform is a decentralized marketplace where AI models developed by manufacturers will be made available to users. Manufacturers can showcase demos of their models on the platform. After testing, users can buy or rent the models they are interested in. In this way, a reliable user market for AI models will be created.

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