🟣Policy Models

Investor Protection and Refund Policy

The DFund AI platform has a Smart Contract mechanism explicitly created to protect investors' rights. All funds collected for projects are stored in this smart contract. In addition, this mechanism automatically reimburses investors in cases where the token sale price falls below or if the project team sells improperly.

Additional rules like this can be added to protect the rights of investors. In addition, the DFund AI platform will constantly develop new protection methods to enable traders to trade in a safe investment environment. This Smart Contract mechanism is a structure created to protect investors' rights and offers investors a safe investment environment.

In addition, projects launched on the platform will automatically accept these rules, and investors will be able to invest without worrying about the reliability of the projects. All these measures have been taken to ensure that investors can invest in the DFund AI platform with confidence and to protect the rights of investors.

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