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Who Wants a Marketplace for AI Models?

The potential for an AI model market that appeals to developers, businesses, small businesses, data scientists, and government agencies is huge. Innovations can be fostered by bringing together developers and users worldwide, and AI adoption can be accelerated across industries. Investors supporting such a platform are ready to capitalize on a rapidly growing market that can unlock significant value for developers and users.

The AI model market could change the game's rules, creating a new AI-driven market that can transform industries and reshape the global economy.

Lack of Decentralized Marketplace for AI Models

Considering the components of the artificial intelligence sector, there is a need for a decentralized platform that brings together the institutions, organizations and individuals that produce the service and those who need these services.

There is a need for a structure that provides B2B and B2C services by working as an intermediary institution. However, in this case, there will still be a centralization.

As decentralized AI model platforms provide the opportunity to compare and test different AI models, finding the most useful and successful model through these platforms will be possible. These platforms work like a marketplace that brings together many different AI models in one place. In this way, users can easily compare and choose the most suitable models. In addition, manufacturers can promote their models and reach wider audiences through these platforms.

As a result, a decentralized AI model platform has become a huge need today. Many international articles have been written about the marketplace necessity and how it will work. You can find one of them below.

Article: Marketplace for AI Models

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