Why does DFund AI use Blockchain?

Creating a decentralized platform using blockchain technology will eliminate the number of intermediaries in the industry, bring together service providers and needers, and ensure the security of transactions. In addition, this structure can increase efficiency by increasing processing speed and reducing security concerns.

We developed our DFund AI project on the blockchain to ensure data security, integrity and transparency with blockchain technology. Also, the distributed nature of the blockchain and smart contracts allow AI projects to perform more complex functions.

Another reason is the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. Blockchain does not need a central authority, and data control remains distributed. That allows data to be managed independently of users and gives users full control over their data.

In addition, blockchain technology facilitates the accuracy and tracking of data. Each blockchain transaction, combined with other transactions, creates a chain, and the integrity of this chain makes it easy to track and verify data.

Blockchain technology also allows transactions to be recorded irreversibly. That means that the data is immutable and increases the reliability of data.

Finally, this technology simplifies data sharing and gives data owners more control. By uploading their data to the blockchain, data owners can share it with other users and control the use of the data. Thanks to the distributed structure of Blockchain, it will be possible to present all data on the platform openly and transparently. In this way, the DFund AI platform will provide a more efficient way for all participants in the industry to purchase and deliver services.

As DFund AI team, we use blockchain technology to create a decentralized structure, ensure transparency and security of fundraising processes, and decentralize trading of AI models.

Why DFund AI in Arbitrum Network?

Dfund AI will run on the Arbitrum network. It aims to increase the platform's efficiency by providing services on the Arbitrum network and making transactions faster.

At the same time, using the Arbitrum network aims to provide users with a better experience by avoiding high transaction fees and delays, as in the Ethereum network.

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