FUNDAI token has many utilities within the platform.

  • It is a system token that is at the core of the DFund AI platform.

  • It has a critical role in the success of the platform.

  • It is necessary for users to invest in the platform, subscribe to AI models, use services and perform other actions.

  • It is used to cover all fees required for the platform's operation.

  • It is an economic tool and retains its value in the platform ecosystem.

  • It can be used for traders to stake, withdraw funds or make new investments.

The token economy model of the DFund AI platform in both domains is based on the buyback and burning of the FUNDAI token. Special privileges and discounts can be offered to FUNDAI token holders.

Reasons for Different Structures in the Token Economy

DFund AI is a project where developers don't need tokens and have a revenue-sharing model. This model allows investors to fund projects and does not need any marketing tokens. That also eliminates the possibility of putting pressure on token prices for the project's success.

DFund AI does not hold any pre-sale rounds for the project and wants to create equal opportunities for all investors.

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