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Who Wants To Tokenize Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Some institutions and organizations want to tokenize their services because blockchain technology is becoming increasingly widespread, can be easily integrated into Web3, and can create decentralized structures.

Organizations that want to tokenize the use of the service models they produce have to create a service-benefit mechanism.

Producers with iconic designs also want to hold public tours to attract global attention and build their communities.

Lack of Decentralized Fundraising for Tokenized AI Projects

Many institutional manufacturers want to tokenize their technology to promote it to the public and raise funds. And we know these manufacturers are hesitant to raise funds on launch pads that have morphed into a "pump and dump" scheme in the crypto industry.

Therefore, we need a venture platform that appeals to public investors and focuses on protecting investors' funds.

In addition, we see that developing individuals and companies create unsuccessful projects that do not contribute to the sector to gain profitability and commissions instead of protecting the funds of public investors.

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