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Common Message to Developers

In the AI ecosystem, our primary goal is to bring together you, the developers, and the needy. Thanks to B2C and B2B connections, it will be straightforward to market your models. We will create unique opportunities for you to present your models in various categories and subscription types. Thanks to the AI-based marketplace system, we will measure and analyze the needs and offer you the most suitable methods. Thus, you will stand out in our industry and earn more.

Common Message to Investors

We designed a system that changed the rules of the industry. This new system will allow you to optimize your portfolios and gain a competitive advantage. Thanks to the AI-based fundraising system, we will analyze and compare the projects from the primary and fundamental perspectives and bring them together with you. Thus, you will always be one step ahead in investing in the AI sector and projects.

We are ready to revolutionize our industry.

DFund AI Team

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