🟠DFund AI

Invest in AI Projects & Provide AI Models on Web3

Artificial intelligence technology is developing rapidly and attracting the attention of large investors. That's why DFund AI emerged as a financing tool for investing in AI projects and renting or selling AI models of these projects. At the same time, as a Web3 platform, DFund AI will allow users to promote and market AI models.

DFund AI was founded to help develop projects that generate artificial intelligence models. These projects are selected based on criteria set by DFund AI. DFund AI offers investors the opportunity to contribute to the developments in artificial intelligence technology and earn profits by investing in these projects.

Additionally, the platform provides a marketplace to promote and market AI models. This marketplace allows companies that produce AI models to present their models to users. Thus, artificial intelligence technology users can easily find models that suit their needs.

DFund AI offers many advantages to traders. Artificial intelligence models have the potential to impact many industries in the future. By investing in DFund AI, investors can contribute to advances in AI technology and have the opportunity to earn a potential return simultaneously.

About the Team

DFund AI was created with input from many different developers. We, developers, come from different countries and different cultures. For this reason, the platform needs to have an anonymous team in terms of the platform's neutrality. Decentralized platforms cannot be attributed to specific team members. Instead, developers should stay up-to-date and unbiased.

DFund AI will create commission pools on the platform to be shared with developers. These developers can, of course, change over time. However, only active developers can earn income from these commission pools.

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